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Our Vision & Mission

Great Indian Saint Shri Tulsi Das ji has written following verse no 37 in Sundar Kand of well known and highly regarded master piece of Indian Vedic Wisdon ie Shri Ram Charit Manas

सचिव बैद गुरु तीनि जौं प्रिय बोलहिं भय आस |
राज धर्म तन तीनि कर होइ बेगिहीं नास ||

अर्थ : मंत्री, वैद्य और गुरु —ये तीन यदि भय या लाभ की आशा से (हित की बात न कहकर ) प्रिय बोलते हैं तो (क्रमशः ) राज्य,शरीर एवं धर्म -  इन  तीन का शीघ्र ही नाश हो जाता है |

“सूंदर कांड श्लोक संख्या 37 - श्री राम चरित मानस” गोस्वामी तुलसी दास जी द्वारा रचित

In line with above philosophy, we have developed our Mission and Vision statement as under...

Our Mission

To re-establish glories of advisory and consulting as prevalent in ancient vedic times, wherein prudent advise flows from the mouth of bonafide, knowledgeable (Gyani) and experienced (tattva darshi) advisor for actual and long term  benefit of Patron, without getting attached to immediate and short term urges of culprit mind.


Our Vision

To emerge as a most preferred and trusted end to end advisory, handholding and outsourcing company that deliver value by its values system to struggling micro, small, medium and large businesses to eliminate root cause of real underneath problems and pain areas due to which even after all genuine hard work, sincerity and cost cutting measures they fail to compete and survive, whereas competition keeps on growing in spite of apparently relaxed working styles and lavish spending.


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